• Coordinating-Work-Related-Injury-Care-with-ER-Newsroom
    02/23/2017 // Posted in
    What makes a relationship work? Good communication. While this tends to be an issue when injured employees visit the emergency room, Concentra closes the information gap by coordinating care.
  • Jennifer-Woodard-Colleague-Spotlight-Newsroom
    02/13/2017 // Posted in
    We’re celebrating The Concentra Difference by putting the spotlight on a colleague who lives out our values every day - Jennifer Woodard, a Patient Service Specialist and Preceptor for the Executive Park Concentra clinic in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • why-concentras-best-in-class-pragram-is-your-workers-compensation-solution-Newsroom
    02/08/2017 // Posted in
    Working with an effective occupational medicine provider could help speed healing of an injured employee. Concentra has studied (and applies) the essential elements of an effective work health program. Learn more about how our expertise can save you time and money.
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    If your company is regulated by the DOT, your employees have to receive a regular DOT physical exam. Here's a brief overview of what they should expect, and how to be prepared. 
  • FEB-2017-Heart-Healthy-Newsroom
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    February is American Heart Month, which is a time to focus on more than Valentine’s Day candies – it’s about improving your heart health and reducing the risk of heart disease. Here are 5 tips for better heart health.
  • DOT-drug-testing-101-Newsroom
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    If you work in a regulated industry like the DOT, it’s essential to maintain compliance. Here’s everything you need to know about DOT drug tests
  • winter-driving-tips-for-truckers-Newsroom
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    This time of year isn’t always a “winter wonderland” – especially when you have to drive in icy conditions. Here are some winter driving tips to keep truckers safe on hazardous roads.
  • Evelyn-Smith-Colleague-Spotlight-Newsroom
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    We’re celebrating The Concentra Difference by putting the spotlight on a colleague who lives out our values every day - Evelyn Smith, a Radiological Technician for the Concentra clinic in Grandview, Missouri.
  • what-employees-need-to-know-about-workers-compensation-Newsroom
    02/01/2017 // Posted in
    Do your employees know what to do if they’re injured at work? Education could mean the difference between a civil claim and a lawsuit. Open the conversation about workers’ compensation with your employees to create a safe, trusting environment.
  • flu-questions-you-only-ask-google-Newsroom
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    Does the flu shot give you the flu? It's still flu season, so we’re answering all the flu questions you’re asking Google. No matter how weird some of them are.
  • how-to-plan-for-work-place-injury-free-Newsroom
    01/25/2017 // Posted in
    Being proactive is the best way to prevent workplace injuries. Looking at injury prevention trends for 2017, here are 4 steps employers can take to reduce workers’ compensation claims.
  • 5-ways-to-support-employees-returning-to-work-Newsroom
    01/24/2017 // Posted in
    Returning to work after an injury can be challenging for employees, but support from an employer can help improve an employee’s recovery. Follow these five ways for a smooth and safe return to work.
  • employers-employees-need-to-know-about-DOT-Newsroom
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    Our medical providers are specially trained to understand DOT rules and regulations and provide the guidance employers and employees need to navigate through the system. Here are a few things you should know about the DOT rules and regulations. 

  • man holding hands in face
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    The shorter days and darker skies that fill the winter months makes most people a little sleepier. But for some people it's a bigger issue - seasonal affective disorder. This article covers the causes, symptoms, and treatments of seasonal affective disorder. 
  • tips-and-tricks-to-get-back-to-sleep-Newsroom
    01/20/2017 // Posted in
    Right now, 20 million sleep-deprived people are manning some of our most important jobs in law enforcement, manufacturing, and transportation. Shift work poses a threat to the health and safety of workers, especially where their sleep is concerned. 
  • Employee workers comp injury
    01/19/2017 // Posted in
    Despite all of the safe practices you put in place, an accident occurs and one of your employees gets injured. What do you do next? Here are some steps to ease the workers' compensation process.
  • top-3-OSHA-changes-Newsroom
    01/18/2017 // Posted in
    New year, new rules. OSHA is continuing to keep your workforce healthy and safe, so they’ve made some new rules that are going into effect this year. We’ve summarized the top 3 OSHA changes to watch for in 2017.
  • what-to-expect-dot-physical-Newsroom
    01/17/2017 // Posted in
    To maintain driver safety, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has very strict guidelines on what a DOT physical must include. Check out this infographic to learn exactly what a DOT physical consists of:
  • the-effectiveness-of-pre-employment-testing-newsroom
    01/16/2017 // Posted in
    Increasingly, employers are using pre-placement functional testing to ensure that potential new hires can tolerate the physical requirements of the job. Learn more about how to create an effective test that maintains compliance and saves you money.
  • 01/14/2017 // Posted in
    Health promotion and health protection might sound similar, but while one encourages healthy behaviors, the other prevents health and safety dangers. This article will help you understand how these two groups work individually, and collaboratively, to impact your health.