Medical Expert Panels

Leading the way in health care

Concentra has developed national Medical Expert Panels to serve as a resource to our clinicians, clients, and patients. More than 500 physicians are contracted to work for Concentra across the country, and the majority of the physicians possess unique skills and expertise in a wide area of medical disciplines. Our experts have skills ranging from disaster preparedness, to infectious disease, disability management, and transportation health regulations.

Patient Care

Taking care of patients is at the center of what Concentra does, it is our very reason for being. The medical experts on the three “Patient Care” subcommittees bring to bear their considerable knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for excellence as they develop and promulgate guidance and policies for all Concentra clinicians in the various areas of patient care. The members of the Patient Care panels keep us aimed at our goal of being “best in class” when it comes to providing care, and, in strategic alignment with company objectives, help us to be better prepared to do so consistently across all of our centers. Working collaboratively, each of the three subcommittees focuses on a particular area of interest:

  • Injury Care

    This subcommittee focuses on processes, procedures and policies that enable us to excel in providing all manner of services in the workers’ compensation arena, and better managing the process of return to work. The team develops guidance and tools to assist our clinicians in renormalizing the lives of injured workers as smoothly as possible after the disruption of a work injury.

  • Concentra Advanced Specialists (CAS)

    This subcommittee consists of a diverse multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals that collaborate to provide guidance in the delivery of specialty care. The team consists of representatives from our primary physicians and physician managers, specialists, therapy, data analytics, and clinical operations. This team helps to ensure that specialty care delivery for our patients injured in the workplace is evidence- based, best in class, caring and cost effective. The team will develop outcomes measurement tools for our market teams and specialists. They will review the latest recommendations and updates pertaining to specialty care while working in collaboration with our other Patient Care colleagues to ensure this complements our Best in Class Occupational Medicine Model. The subcommittee, in collaboration with our training team, will assist in the development of training tools to optimize ancillary clinical staff proficiency in the medical care of specialty patients.

  • Infectious Disease/Travel Health Panel

    These members regularly monitor recommendations and updates regarding infectious diseases including TB, flu pandemics and travel health. The members serve as consultants to a number of clients, and have helped develop bloodborne pathogen protocols, preparedness plans, anti-viral medication dispensing protocols, and a flu pandemic preparedness guidebook for small- and medium-sized companies. This panel works closely with companies of all sizes to help develop travel health service packages to include required and recommended vaccines, medication to prevent and self-treat common illnesses, and itinerary-specific health and safety counseling. This panel continues to provide clients with the latest recommendations and updates pertaining to flu pandemic preparations as well as occupational and non-occupational exposures and infections. There is a focus on travel health, influenza, vaccines, tuberculosis, occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens, infection control, and guidance on the latest antibiotic treatment recommendations for various infectious processes.

Regulatory, Testing, and Examination MEP

The clinicians on this panel provide guidance on regulatory issues, medical testing and examinations.  This medical expert panel can provide guidelines and interpretation of standards related to Respiratory Protection, Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure, Asbestos and Lead Exposure. This medical expert panel also provides recommendations for worksite examinations including Hazmat, Firefighter, Law Enforcement Officer, and Commercial Drivers.  This panel has also created the framework for many medical surveillance programs for centers and on-sites.  A future goal is to provide a uniform repeatable exam process to promote efficiency and accuracy across all centers. 

Pharmacy and Therapeutics

This panel consists of a handful of specialized Concentra Physicians and members of St. Marys Pharmacy. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee reviews drug related topics and healthcare trends that affect, or could possibly affect, Concentra medical centers.

Physical Therapy

The Therapy Medical Expert Panel develops, reviews, and synthesizes research and clinical guidance in all areas relevant to the need of the therapy business. They participate in research, development, and written recommendations on the use of appropriate clinical guidelines, procedures, protocols, with quality patient care as the focus. This panel will vet quality measures for service lines, and assist to sponsor quality improvement studies and interventions to promote optimal outcomes. Key focus areas for the Therapy MEP include treatment of America's workforce and military personnel as well as the consumer health population, and development of preventative healthcare options for workers and private insurance patients.


The clinicians on this panel have expertise in health care issues related to individuals who serve the public in the transportation industry. This committee aids Concentra medical examiners on a multitude of healthcare topics through day-to-day phone consultations for those examiners who have immediate certification questions while also serving as a resource to clients through their consultative role.