Too often, clinicians are thrown right in the middle of things and expected to immediately start seeing patients before getting adjusted to your new workplace and clinic. Concentra’s new clinician orientation is a structured, four-week program designed to reduce the stress of a new clinic and to you succeed from the very start. For the first week, you won’t see your own patients. Instead, you’ll be partnered with another clinician and given an in-depth look at what it means to work for Concentra, what you need to know, and what you can expect from your clinic and colleagues. You’ll start treating patients during your second week, and for the next two weeks after that, you’ll continue to have additional support from your clinic team and colleagues as you adjust to your new clinic.

Training and credentialing

All Concentra physicians are required to complete 120 CME hours every three years. We provide CME assistance, and work to help you to meet your state credentialing requirements, wherever you are. Concentra has developed urgent care and occupational medicine curricula, and provides training for physicians who may be interested in transitioning to urgent care or occupational medicine.