Concentra's health and wellness center model brings the resources of a Concentra medical center right to your workplace. We deliver high quality health care and wellness services direct to employees in their workplace, saving time and money for both the employee and client.

An onsite employee health and well-being center can integrate all components of employee health and wellness services in one location – from wellness programs, primary and urgent care to occupational health services. By bringing one or all of these components to the workplace, clients can build a foundation to reduce health care costs. Concentra's health and wellness centers create a central resource for employees to access coordinated care for acute and chronic conditions, annual examinations, disease management, health coaching, and health screening to reduce spending associated with unhealthy lifestyle practices and chronic health problems. Health and wellness centers are ideal for medium- to large-size companies.

Concentra's own Well-Being Center brings employee health programs right to our worksite. The Well-Being Center offers a new approach to workplace health with activities and programs to help employees reach their health goals.

Health and wellness center keys to success and best practices

Employers have unique needs, and we customize our wide selection of health and wellness center programs and services to deliver the appropriate care. Concentra's employer-tailored, employee-focused program blends occupational, primary, urgent, and preventive healthcare services into the following five systems:

  • Employer Engagement and Consultation: Through consultation with an organization, we work to develop a tailored program to fit the goals and needs of its’ workforce.
  • Well-Being Services: Each Concentra health and wellness center is a coordinated care model that integrates primary care and overall well-being with traditional work-related injury care.
  • Clinical Capabilities and Models: Taking an early intervention approach, we focus on positive workforce outcomes through a range of services that includes primary care, urgent care, pharmacy services, wellness, and traditional occupational medicine.
  • Measuring Outcomes: Employers receive regular reporting and metrics on the performance of their health and wellness center with health data and key performance indicators.
  • Participant Engagement: The solutions provided through our health and well-being model that makes it easy for employees to take ownership of their health and well-being through a patient portal, education and resources.

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