Quality Medical Care

Our occupational medicine solution

Concentra provides occupational medicineurgent care, primary care, physical therapy, and wellness programs from more than 300 medical centers in 40 states. In addition to these medical center locations, we serve employers by providing a broad range of health advisory services and operating more than 270 worksite medical facilities. Through this complement of services, Concentra intends to raise the standard of health by putting individuals first, treating them with clinical excellence, and focusing on their ongoing well-being.

Your employees can trust in the medical care they receive from our experienced providers. Concentra’s medical providers who staff our centers and worksite employee health centers are based in your community, delivering a service level that feels local with the sustainability of a national company. Our providers are led by physicians, from area medical directors to zone medical directors to our Chief Medical Officer (and company founder). In fact, many of our medical directors are nationally recognized experts in their fields. This level of oversight provides consistency in treatment methods and a dedicated team focused on the health and well-being of your employees and your organization. But most importantly, our medical providers are experienced professionals who are genuinely interested in serving others, and returning them to health as quickly as possible.

Concentra’s unique early intervention medical model combined with our expertise in occupational medicine is how we achieve successful patient outcomes. Our results demonstrate the success of our processes, as well as the outcome of care provided – we treat more than 14% of all work-related injuries in the United States, approximately 500,000 work-related injuries per year. Our efficient, quality, clinical outcomes consistently provide significant savings to employers.

Our solution to quality medical care comes from the following key components of our early intervention model:

  • Early medical intervention philosophy: Supported by prompt and timely treatment to restore function as quickly as possible and so that patients can avoid further injury in the future
  • Occupational medicine training: Our qualified and experienced physicians undergo extensive training and education to ensure quality care for work-related injuries
  • Outcome-focused care: Our providers and staff focus on positive medical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and are dedicated to improving treatment and practice patterns
  • Occupational medicine expertise: With more than 30 years of experience in occupational medicine our physicians are highly trained to diagnose and treat work-related injuries and illness more effectively