Patient Engagement

Fostering positive experiences for positive outcomes

Concentra is committed to redefining health care, and it starts with the patient. We believe a great patient experience is just part of good medicine and complete client service. From the moment of arrival at one of our centers or worksite locations, our teams are dedicated to providing reliable, quality health care to every patient. Our centers are designed to have a warm, inviting atmosphere to keep employees engaged in their treatment, making them more likely to complete their treatment plan. Along with personal service and a selfless heart, we communicate with patients throughout the process. We also invite patients to rate their experiences. The entire Concentra organization is focused on the patient experience to ensure positive outcomes and exceptional experiences. We strive to make every patient feel welcome and respected through our company values and respectful, skillful care.

The Concentra Patient Experience

  • Patient-centric culture: A focus on the patient, improving outcomes and return-to-function
  • Welcoming facilities: Attractive, pleasant medical centers and worksite locations with our signature design, focused on a welcoming and comfortable environment
  • One location for multiple treatments: Patients enjoy the benefits of convenient access and comprehensive services all from one location
  • Empathetic medical care: Clinicians and staff who are experienced, thoughtful, and compassionate in their approach to the patient’s medical treatment

Measuring success

How do we know we are making a difference? We utilize a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge performance and establish accountability. NPS is driven by a single survey question: “Would you recommend us?” Our NPS continues to rise as a result of customer loyalty, and we’ve joined the ranks of top U.S. consumer companies as a leader in delivering outstanding customer service.