Employer Cost Savings

Proven ROI

Driven by a medical services philosophy – based on early intervention and a deep understanding of all facets of occupational medicine, Concentra’s occupational medicine programs can help your company generate significant cost savings on employer health care costs.

Concentra cost-saving factors

Our integrated workers compensation program helps generate cost savings by:

  • Using appropriate levels of care and health care resources strategically.
  • Improving disease management for chronic conditions to reduce complications and costs.
  • Deploying medical staff resources to improve efficiencies while assuring quality and reducing costs.
  • Focusing on enhanced function, personal responsibility, and productivity.
  • Providing convenient locations and efficient scheduling to reduce lost work time.
  • Implementing integrated health and wellness programs to promote improved health for the employee population.

Proven return on investment (ROI)

Several published reports have shown a positive impact from employee health and wellness programs.

  • $3 - $6 ROI for every $1 invested over a two-to-five-year period (Am J Prev Med 2005)
  • $5.93 ROI for every $1 invested (Art of Health Promotion 2003)
  • $3.93 ROI for every $1 invested (Am J Health Promotion 2001)