The Concentra Solution

Exceptional expertise in occupational health

Concentra has more than 30 years of experience in the occupational health industry and serves over 600 retail and worksite facilities across the U.S. The Concentra Solution utilizes our exceptional occupational medicine program, which focuses on keeping patients’ engaged and active during illness and recovery, with treatments that allow for the most appropriate and fastest possible return to function.

Concentra’s programs can maximize productivity, reduce the numbers of lost days, and significantly lower health care costs. We offer a wide range of medical services designed to improve the health and wellness of your employees: occupational healthurgent care, primary care, physical therapy, and wellness programs. We can develop a tailored program that works the way you do, and better supports the specific needs of your workforce.

There are four key integrated elements to our employer program:

  • Employer Engagement - Dedicated occupational medicine experts who understand the full complexity of returning employees to work, and engage with you to gain a specific understanding of your workplace and needs
  • Patient Engagement - Welcoming, pleasant in-facility experiences keep patients engaged and more likely to complete their treatment plan, improving outcomes
  • Clear Communications - Constant communication and data-driven reporting between the employer and physician about a patient’s treatment plan, from the moment of check-in
  • Quality Medical Outcomes - Outcome-focused care consisting of physicians and staff with extensive experience in urgent care medicine, centered around positive return-to-work transitions

Through this focus, Concentra furthers its commitment to deliver elite occupational medicine programs for employers across the country.