Physical Therapy Programs

Supplemental education and training

At Concentra, we want to help keep your employees safe and informed, and you in compliance. We offer a variety of wellness and health/safety training sessions and seminars to present programs customized to physical therapy. Concentra Physical Therapy offers the following supplemental educational and training programs:

  • Exercise guidelines — Regular exercise can improve physical fitness and can help reduce the likelihood of injury. Our teams educate your employees on the benefits exercise and how it can prevent back problems, as well as safe exercising tips to keep employees healthy and active.
  • Workplace stretching — The majority of work-related musculoskeletal and spinal disorders today are comprised of cumulative trauma injuries and back strains. Concentra's warm-up and stretching program educates employees on the proper methods to prepare their bodies for physical activity. A Concentra Athletic Health Specialist will provide a 30-minute to 1-hour on-site training program with warm-up and stretching exercises tailored to that specific workplace.
  • Back injury prevention and lifting techniques — Back injuries resulting in lost time are often caused by repetitive motion, improper lifting, decreased flexibility, poor posture, and decreased physical conditioning. Concentra's occupational experts offer employee education and train-the-trainer programs teaching proper safe-lifting techniques and back education. Our physical therapists give educational seminars and presentations on wellness and the prevention of spinal disorders.
  • Ergonomics — Concentra's ergonomics programs detail ergonomic risk exposures and outlines recommendations to assist in reducing employee exposure to Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs). Work environments are evaluated and appropriate recommendations that detail a variety of methods are given to the employer to correct ergonomic hazards in the workplace.

Why should employers use Physical Therapy programs in the workplace?

Concentra provides clients with customized classroom instruction and education materials, as well as recommendations that address each issue. These physical therapy programs can help reduce workplace injuries and insurance costs, and increase productivity and worker morale.

"Attitude is the biggest factor in our health and healing, and you each have such a positive one daily. It's contagious, keep it up! Thank you for everything, you guys rock!.."

— Kaylin.