Ergonomics and Pre-Employment Testing

Optimizing the work environment to the needs of your business

Concentra is committed to employee health and safety. Addressing the functionality among workers and their required job tasks, equipment, and the overall environment is essential to maintaining the performance and productivity of each employee. Concentra's goal is to reduce unnecessary stress in the workplace that can contribute to Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD), primarily affecting the upper body and extremities. Concentra provides ergonomic evaluations and pre-employment testing to help companies achieve an optimal match between the job or task, necessary equipment, the work environment, and workers' capabilities.

Ergonomic Evaluations: Consists of a trained ADApt specialist evaluating the worksite and identifying risk factors that may lead to the onset of CTDs. The specialist will offer ergonomic recommendations and proposed modifications to reduce costs associated with cumulative trauma injuries.

Functional Job Site Analysis (ADApt): Consists of a trained ADApt Specialist performing a job analysis and generating a report of observed risks of injury and proposed cost-efficient, corrective recommendations. This includes generation of an ADA-compliant Human Performance Evaluation (HPE) that can be used for pre-employment and return-to-work testing. The HPE test is conducted by a Concentra physical therapist, and evaluates functional tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling.

Why should employers use Ergonomic Evaluations and Pre-Employment Testing?

Concentra's pre-employment services can help take the 'guess work' out of the hiring process. Pre-employment testing can assist in determining whether certain applicants or employees are medically and physically able to perform their roles. When job applicants have the physical ability to perform essential functions of the job, employers benefit through improved work environments, increased productivity and morale, and reduced work-related injuries and employee absenteeism.

Concentra strives to help companies increase awareness about the importance of an optimal work environment, and minimize factors that can contribute to ergonomic-related injuries and illnesses.

"I would like [to thank] Ms. C. for her outstanding professionalism, care, concern, and courtesy during my hand therapy treatments at Concentra..."

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