Measuring Outcomes

Placing a value on employee health and well-being programs

Workforce health data and key performance markers provide data-driven insights for better program understanding and best practices. Structured reports provide valuable insight into health and wellness center operations and impact based on a consistent set of key measurements, allowing stakeholders to make informed decisions to achieve business goals.

According to the 2010 Health Care Cost Survey by Towers Watson, companies with high performing health programs pay 18% less – roughly $2,000 per employee – for their health benefit programs. This means a high performing employer with 10,000 employees would spend an average of $20 million less per year.

As part of Measuring Outcomes, this pillar includes the following component:

Integrated Reporting with Insights: Concentra’s reporting methods show employers a 360-degree view of their health and wellness center program by measuring utilization, clinical outcomes, employee engagement, and care coordination that impacts workforce health and well-being. Using advanced technology, Concentra captures complete patient information to monitor and measure clinical outcomes and integration with preventive care programs.

Benefits to your organization

  • A comprehensive view that outlines the impacts of the program whether it’s the reductions in healthcare costs, achievements in provider and payor programs, improved employee health and well-being and increased workforce productivity
  • Through captured data, we review the engagement and utilization amongst an organization’s workforce to determine the levels of effectiveness or progression of its population health