Employer Engagement and Consultation

Engaging employers in their workforce health and well-being program

Concentra works closely with clients to develop a health and wellness center program that fits the goals and needs of a workforce. Using data-driven insights and expert resources, we provide employers with needs-based tools and change management support to design and successfully implement a health and wellness center program.

We achieve this through the following Employer Engagement and Consultation components:

Health and Well-being Organizational Evaluation: A multi-step process that collects information on your organization’s current health and well-being culture, and the available services required to lead a successful program. This also provides insight into your organization’s capabilities toward improving the current health and well-being culture.

Health and Well-being Consultation: Concentra works with you and other leadership to develop a roadmap and timeline to implement your health and well-being program

Change Management and Engagement Resources: A step-by-step process toward engaging and implementing your workforce in health improvement programs. This method engages employees via timely communication, group or individual challenges, and monthly awareness activities.

Benefits to your organization

  • Provides your organization with actionable insight into an organization’s workforce population
  • Identifies readiness for change
  • Gives direction on advancing and evolving your company’s participation to achieve established health and well-being goals
  • Presents meaningful measurements to track success and participation, information that is beneficial to your business