Clinical Capabilities and Models

Clinic offerings that are tailored to your workforce

Our health and wellness centers focus on the long-term health and well-being of your workforce, as well as the immediate requirements of workplace injuries. Our health and wellness center clinicians can help workers who have chronic conditions to understand their health status and manage their health, improving workforce health and reducing costs and absenteeism and the need for repeated care.

Clinical Components

Clinical Options

Our health and wellness center options are scalable so you can choose the most appropriate and efficient combination of medical services and staff based on your strategy and goals for employee health.

  • Ensures your employees have access to the kind of care they need most
  • Scales services to your budget
  • Flexible; can include primary care, urgent care, occupational medicine services, and wellness programming

Pharmacy Services

Concentra also offers a cost-effective way for your workforce to fill prescriptions through your health and wellness center.

  • Highly accessible so your employees don’t delay having their prescriptions filled and beginning treatment
  • Improves patient compliance through clinician follow-up
  • Reduces costs by increasing the use of cost-effective generics
  • Employers’ access to information about what medications are dispensed increases their connection to the services they provide


If you have employees who work in facilities that are too small to have their own health and wellness centers or too remote to allow for easy access to them, telemedicine can be the answer. A study done by the American Medical Association found that up to 70% of office visits could be handled over the phone. The patient visit is facilitated by a licensed nurse or a registered EMT in the privacy of a well-appointed telemedicine exam room with the physician present via video technology.

  • Employees have access to care right in their workplace, right when they need it, improving workforce health.
  • Patients can be diagnosed and treated and can receive prescriptions for many common conditions and injuries.
  • Telemedicine provides integrated diagnostic equipment, online appointment scheduling, onsite testing, and immunizations.
  • Employee health is enhanced through many of the same benefits and programs available to your local employees, including EAP programs, wellness programs, and health coaching.