Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Fast, convenient, and effective risk control

Pre-employment drug tests and employee drug screenings are key components of your company’s risk control plan. Many employers are testing current employees at random in addition to drug testing job candidates. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates that employers spend over $81 billion each year on drug abuse costs.  Employee drug use can contribute to safety hazards, impact performance and productivity, and increase turnover rates and medical costs. Concentra makes the drug testing process efficient, convenient, and reliable, and offers several options to meet your company’s needs. 


Potential employees can take a pre-employment drug test at one of our convenient medical centers, or at your company’s onsite center. 

Quick Turnaround

Our drug testing turnaround times stay within 48 hours. If you need to, you can get results even faster with our “Rapid Test” products.

Customized Reporting

You can customize your reporting structure, including where your results are sent. For example, you can choose to have results sent to one centralized location, or to various work locations.

Our pre-employment drug testing services can fulfill a variety of employer goals.

  • Our worksite pre-employment drug screenings can help you ensure employee health, safety, and productivity

  • Concentra DOT employee drug screenings help you comply with regulatory guidelines set by the Department of Transportation

  • Pre-employment drug screenings not only help with your hiring process, but also contribute to creating a safer work environment