The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates that employers spend over $81 billion each year on drug abuse costs.  Employee drug use can contribute to safety hazards, impact performance and productivity, and increase turnover rates and medical costs. 

Employee drug tests and pre-employment drug testing help counteract this and create a safer work environment. With pre-employment drug tests, you can help your employees be healthy, safe, and productive on the job.  

Concentra’s pre-employment drug tests are designed to help you do just that. Our employee drug testing process is fast, easy, and convenient, so that you can streamline your hiring process and keep your employees productive.  


Employee drug testing is easier than you think, with pre-employment drug testing services available at all of our 300+ locations nationwide. Just send prospective and current employees to your closest Concentra location. You’ll have their results within 72 hours. 


Concentra can customize your drug test reporting structure to suit your needs, including where your employee drug test results are sent. For example, you can choose to have results sent to one centralized location, or to various work locations.


Concentra’s employee drug testing results are typically completed within 72 hours. We also offer more rapid results to provide prompt information in a short amount of time. Ask an account manager about our “Rapid Test” drug testing products.

Our pre-employment drug testing services can fulfill a variety of employer goals.

  • Our worksite pre-employment drug screenings can help you ensure employee health, safety, and productivity
  • Concentra DOT employee drug screenings help you comply with regulatory guidelines set by the Department of Transportation
  • Pre-employment drug screenings not only help with your hiring process, but also contribute to creating a safer work environment

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