Pre-placement Services

Minimizing workplace injury

Concentra can help you maintain a workforce that is medically and physically able to function at peak performance.

Many of our clients have taken advantage of Concentra’s AdApt program, which is our Americans with Disabilities Act and Physical Therapy program. With this program we are able to quantify essential job functions of your workforce. We measure how much they push, pull, lift, climb, and squat during their shifts. Then our clinicians develop a job analysis to overlay each job description and create a pre-hire physical for each job called the Human Performance Evaluation, or HPE.

This type of physical can reduce risk associated with workplace injury by eliminating individuals who cannot perform the essential functions of the job. If one of your employees sustains a workplace injury, our doctors and therapists pull the HPE and use that information to enhance the transitional-duty process and bring your employee back to full duty faster. We are also the number one provider of DOT physicals in the United States.

Some of our other specialized pre-placement services include:

  • DOT physicals
  • OSHA physicals ( including hazmat and respiratory )
  • Regulatory, and Pre-Employment Drug Screenings