What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine is a branch of occupational health concerned with the prevention and treatment of workplace injuries, chronic illnesses, and diseases. Occupational medicine clinicians assess workplace conditions and medical history to develop a treatment program by focusing on the physical and mental well-being of injured employees. Occupational medicine services focus on treating immediate injuries and returning patients to full function, as well as the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses.

Concentra is the nation’s leading occupational health provider. Our occupational medicine services are tailored to your industry and your employee’s needs. We operate occupational health clinics across the United States with board certified physicians trained in public health, preventive medicine, toxicology, and medical research. Concentra works with employers to develop an effective treatment program for injured employees, with a proven success rate for rehabilitation and return-to-work.

  • 193 Concentra clinicians specialize in occupational and environmental medicine
  • Concentra treats 1 in 7 workers’ compensation injuries in the U.S.
  • Concentra treats more than 30,000 employees every day