Concentra Advanced Specialists serves the occupational healthcare market by providing employees, employers, payors, and providers with specialty surgical and non-surgical treatment for orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, acute work-related conditions, and other disabling injuries. Our patient-centered care model promotes return to work and return to function, and ensures that the proper treatments are performed given the unique circumstances of each case. We currently partner with 14 unique specialties, including hand surgery, orthopedics (general and specific), and physiatry, and receive more than 250,000 patient visits and more than 34,000 new cases each year. Learn more about how Concentra can help with the services and specialties we provide.

Our mission is to improve America’s health, one patient at a time. We fulfill this mission by treating patients with welcoming, respectful, and skillful care in the following five ways:

  • Expertise. We have full knowledge of all local, state, and federal government requirements regarding workers’ compensation cases.
  • Quality. We ensure that injured workers get the right treatments for their injuries so that they can return to work and their normal lives quickly.
  • Early Intervention. We work quickly to get injured workers treated by specialists right away. Research has shown that the sooner proper treatments are administered, the quicker the recovery.
  • Communication. We keep you informed throughout the entire process with information from both Concentra Advanced Specialists and the treating specialists.
  • Cost containment. Our customers only want to pay legitimate bills—not costs that were driven up by unnecessary referrals and treatments.

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