Work-related injuries come with complicated regulations and requirements that can make getting your employees the care they need frustrating and confusing. An established injury care process prepares you and your workforce for work-related injuries before they even occur, so that when they do, you can quickly get your employee on the road to recovery.

Our Experience

Concentra has been treating work-related injuries for more than 35 years. Today, we provide injury care treatment for 1 in every 7 workplace injuries in the United States. We work with employers to make it easy for you and your employees to navigate the workers’ compensation process, with minimal business interruption.

Concentra Injury Care Facts

  • Concentra is a leader in occupational medicine, treating more than 180 million injuries since 1979
  • 92.5% of injured workers seen at Concentra are recommended for return-to-work
  • We have nearly 300 medical centers nationwide, in markets representing 60% of the workforce
  • All medical centers are walk-in so employees can get care right away

In addition to injury care, Concentra provides a variety of occupational health services to help you keep your workforce safe, healthy, and productive. Talk to one of our experts to find out what’s right for you.

*See the new OSHA drug testing rule

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