Wellness Education

Ongoing employee engagement resources

Concentra believes that everyone should be engaged in healthy living, and it is our focus to increase the number of workers that engage in healthier behaviors, which can result in fewer injuries and illness, increased productivity, and reduced health care costs. We provide many health and wellness programs to support and promote these health and wellness benefits. Wellness education is an important step in this process, and when employees have the resources available, they become engaged in wellness activities to improve health and lifestyle behaviors.

Wellness education for the workforce

Concentra offers employee wellness education through three mediums:

Health Specialists

Concentra Health Specialists are champions for health improvement. Health specialists work to improve the overall wellness culture of a company and provide support for employees to help them achieve their health goals. This is done through employer wellness program implementation and oversight, health coaching, and motivational communications and support. Employee participants have the option to receive personalized health coaching telephonically, face-to-face, and/or digitally. Our health specialists also provide targeted lifestyle training as an additional medium to support ongoing employee engagement. These training sessions are conducted on a variety of health and wellness topics for both the employer and employee.

Health and Wellness Portal

Concentra's integrated health portal allows both employer and employee access to a variety of resources such as streaming wellness videos, health news, exercise tips, healthy recipes, monthly newsletters and advice on areas of concerns from their health risk assessment. The portal also offers convenient behavior-based programs and solutions for dependencies such as smoking and alcohol, as well as an activity tracker to track activities, rewards, and points.

Wellness Kits

Employers are provided with a wellness kit that includes monthly health posters, monthly wellness flyers, and monthly activity sheets. Employers can also utilize targeted communications campaigns, and a large library of videos and advertisements to drive employee participation.