Health Coaching

Improving your company's health culture

Concentra provides a number of wellness programs for its worksite clinics, including health and wellness coaching. Through guidance, motivation, and other tools, a health coach works to change the lifestyle behaviors or habits of employees who may be at risk for certain health issues. Our health coaching program provides employees a variety of ways to learn about their lifestyle and encourages them to improve it – with the overall goal of improving your company's collective health culture over time.

Our versatile program can be utilized by employees at the worksite, telephonically, and via web-based applications, or any combination there-of. Health coaching is supported by individual and group initiatives, where participants can work on health goals, discuss topics and activities, and participate in other wellness events geared toward healthy cultural change. Our health promotion model is designed to create significant health and cost benefits for your company.

Success results from a comprehensive approach that can help our customers:

  • Lower overall health care costs
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism

Health coaching utilizes three integrated methods

Health specialists: Our health specialists work with your team as educators and motivators, providing workplace health promotion, health coaching, health marketing, educational seminars, wellness incentives, and health challenges that encourage engagement and ultimately improve health. Employees can consult with our specialists at their Concentra worksite clinic in-person, or by phone.

Web portal: This user-friendly, integrated site allows employees to take advantage of support tools and information they can use to help reduce their health risk. This includes access to health and wellness articles, exercise tips, and monthly health challenges.

Health coaching management system: We help employees develop and track their own personal health goals, allowing them to receive immediate advice on risk concerns and begin behavior change.