Medical Directorship

Scalable, cost-effective advice

Your organization can receive all the benefits and expertise of a company medical director through a Concentra Medical Directorship – without the time and expense involved in hiring a physician permanently. Whether you have an occasional need or an on-site one, we’ll connect you with one of our physicians who can provide your company with customized advice.

Since our medical directors are interconnected, they have access to the knowledge, expertise, and specialties of over 150 fellow physicians. Our service is scalable, so pricing will be tailored to your budget needs. Plus, your medical director will learn and understand the unique challenges of your business and provide you with detailed, easy-to-interpret reports on recommendations. Our medical directors consult on:

  • Injury claims
  • Disability cases
  • Worksite conditions

Tailoring the best directorship solution

We’ll discuss your company’s specific needs so we can recommend the most appropriate level of medical consulting. We can provide a resource ranging from a part-time, off-site medical director who can consult with you over the phone to a full-time physician who regularly travels to your worksite.