New Urgent and Primary Care Medical Centers

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Concentra is committed to creating a great patient experience at all of our locations. Our recent relocations and additions of new centers bring Concentra’s quality and proven medical care to you. Below is a list of centers recently added to our numerous existing locations. Use our Location Finder to find the Concentra urgent care or primary care center nearest you.

  • Aurora North

    We’ve recently relocated our Aurora North medical center to a new facility with greater accessibility, additional exam rooms, and expanded hours of operation.

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  • Tech Center

    Our Tech Center location has recently relocated to a larger, more accessible facility and now offers additional exam rooms, expanded hours, and new equipment.

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  • OKC South

    Our recently relocated medical center location in Oklahoma City now offers expanded hours of operation, new physical therapy equipment, and a larger, more visible location.

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  • Stratford

    Our recently relocated Stratford location is larger, more spacious and features additional exam rooms, new physical therapy equipment, and our new signature design.

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  • Harrisburg East

    Our new medical center location in Harrisburg, PA now offers expanded patient treatment areas, new equipment, and greater accessibility.

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